Sunday, August 14, 2011

#TeamKilt Giveaway

                       Ya Tourney Giveaway for voting for    Zachary!!!

                              The WINNER of the Giveaway is *Kristina Shields* 
                         I know I am late on posted the giveaway I have had issues with blogger.. But as promised here it the Zach giveaway.
  This giveaway will run from today 8-14 through sat 8-20. I will choose a winner on 8-21.

         I know you arewondering what am i giving away. Well I am giveaway Jeri Smith Ready book swag and a hand made Charm Bracelet made for Zachary in mind I will post a picture when it is completed.
                            I have just 4 littel rules
                          1. Must be 13 years or older.
                          2.Must have voted for Zach in
                          3. a GCF. follower
                          4. Fill out the form below
                   Thank you for stopping by all comments and suggestions are welcome....                                 


  1. Wow ! loving this give-away!

    Thank you for the chance to win the book !

    #TeamKilt forever !!

    Twitter :Twinklesmile023

  2. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I'm glad Team Kilt is still a tight knit group. :)