Thursday, July 14, 2011

Once Upon a Read a thon Final Update

Once Upon a Read a Thon is now over and I have read a total of 5 books... My Goal was 4 books so YAY ME!!!!  The books I read are as follows:

The Mini Challenge I participated in was hosted by
The book Reccomendation I would Love for every one to read is Tempest Rising
It is about a Teen Girl that is turning 16 and has to make a choice. Following in her moms footsteps or staying with her dad and brothers. If you love mermaids and a love triangle then you would love this book.I dont want to spoil it so I am leaving it there for you to Decide..
The second Book Reccomendation is from the books I read in the Past three days Would have to be Christopher Pike's Thirst Series
I loved this series!!!
It is about the last vampire named Alisa who is trying to find her place in the world and tell her story on how she was created.It has a little bit of graphic discription but  I still could not put it down.. There was love and sadness.. Alisa is also a fighter she doesnt take crap from anybody. I couldnt put this series down. So if you love vampires with some fast pace action and not a lot of gore then this book is for you..


  1. So glad you liked that series! I haven't read all of it yet, but I'm getting to

    And was Ghostgirl any good? I was thinking about getting it.


  2. yay you! readathons are a great way to catch up on reading.