Saturday, December 11, 2010

Caster Girls Holiday Giveaway

Want to win the above Holiday gift?

This month we are giving away:

◦The John Breed Poster
◦Beautiful Darkness Audio Book
◦UK Version of Beautiful Darkness
◦Beautiful Darkness Bracelet
◦Beautiful Darkness Dog Tag
◦Vodoo People

Wanna win it?

Its simple, join the forums. Comment on the forums.

Here’s how you earn points:

Join the Forum (+1) — if you are already a member, you have a point :)
Comment on a thread in the forums here on (+1 for every comment)
Start a thred in the CasterGirls forums (+2)
Post about the contest on your blog or site (+2)
Tweet about the contest (+1 for every tweet, limit one per day).
You have from now until December 20th at 9am PST.
Keep track of your  points and email them to us at We will announce the winner at 8pm PST on the 20th.

Happy Winning!!

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